Thursday, April 12, 2007

I finally finished up three pet snuggies for the animal shelter. I crocheted them in Feb. but didn't get the ends tucked in until this month. Every time I go there I find myself wanting to take home another pet.

I got Marissa's and my purses knitted. They turned out real cute. Just need to get them lined. I have everything I need. Just need to make the time to finish them up. I'll be sure to add a picture of them.

The Bab Marley bag that I am working on got too big to tote along so it got grounded. I'm just about done knitting the bag but I still have the handle to go. I can't wait to get it felted.

Some of the bedding plants arrived at Wal-Mart. This is just as bad as the animal shelter. I can't leave there without taking some of them home. The flowers are slowly taking over the yard. One of these years I will be able to sit back and watch the flowers grow. But until then there is the planting and the weeding.