Thursday, July 26, 2007

I finally got a few things finished to enter in the fair. I got first place on both.
I crocheted this darling baby dress. To tell you the truth, I had the crocheting done for about a year but just had to get the ribbon and buttons taken care of. It really turned out cute.
I also finished the Baby Afghan. The things is about five feet long. I'll try to get a picture of it.

I just about had a teddy bear done for the fair. He was really cute too. I do mean was! My peanutbutter-sandwich-stealing-dog got hold of it and tore the poor thing to shreds. All I had to do was the arms and legs. Every time I looked at the pattern, I snarled at the dog. I figured that this was not a good year for the bear.

I have come to realize that people who procrastinate have allot of faith. We believe that no matter how close the dead line is, we will get it finished. I am really too old to be doing this. This drives my mother up the wall. She is the type that has everything figured out and done way before the dead line. Then you got me....... totally opposite of my mother. I haven't figured out what God wants both of us to learn. He put two opposites together and we are related. We can't disown each other.

I have started my list for next years fair. I started on a doily. I have quite a list working up. I have to see if I stick to it.