Saturday, September 1, 2007

The grandkids are in bed. The dogs are asleep and the husband is sawing logs. The house is nice and quite and I have the time to set and crochet. The world is good :)

I got a call from my mother earlier this evening. She asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was crocheting a baby dress to enter in next years fair. She told me that I could pick it up in two or three weeks when the kids are gone. I really can't tell you what the rest of the conversation was about. What did she mean by two to three weeks. She doesn't have a clue. And the kids leave on Monday. Two to three weeks?????? What in the world is she talking about?

Anyone that crochets or knits know what goes into a project before you even pick up a hook or needles. You have to find the right pattern and then the right yarn. It isn't as simple as it sounds.

I have a pattern book called 'Baby's Heirloom Wardrobe" by Annies. Last year I entered the Sweet Smock and got first place on it. Well.... this years wasn't that easy to settle on. First I was going to make the Frilly Frock. Found the cutest yarn but remembered that I wanted to use from my stash as much as possible so that one got put on the back burner. Next I was going to make the Graceful Gown. I had this pretty white with blue yarn. I got three rows done and realized that it just wasn't right. It would have made up pretty but something wasn't right. So I sat here..... looking at the patterns and thinking about what I had in my stash. Then it hit me. I ma now making the Precious Pinafore in lavender. IT'S RIGHT!!!! I have the right yarn and the right pattern. It is like the sun, moon, stars and planets are all lined up just right.

My husband has seen me agonize over the right yarn for the right project. He doesn't understand it at all. He just shakes he head and laughs. He also knows that when everything lines up just right that there is this green light and it a GO. One thing he never tells me is that a project can just sit. (Smart man)

SO the earth is now spinning in the right direction and I have a hook in my hand. Life is good.