Friday, May 11, 2007

I have been working on some Stained Glass that I'm giving for Christmas gifts this year. I have two already finished. I have a long list of people that I want to make things for. My problem is that when I get one done, I add another name to the list. I really need to stop doing this.

I am still plugging away on the baby blanket that I have been working on. The thing is going to be huge. I will be close to five feet long by the time I'm finished. It is turning out real cute. I bought the pattern off EBay. (Another placce I have to stay away

I haven't been working on any of my other WIPs but I hope to pick something up here real soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This is Marissa's and my purses. It is the March '07 bag for Bag-A-Holic. I used Red Heart Sport for the yellow and Red Heart worsted weight for the red. Marissa's is done with a single strand of both. Mine is another story. It is made with three strands of yellow and two of the red. That was real fun to knit with all those The lining is bright yellow with cherries.

I looked locally for the material for the lining but was told that they didn't make it. Just what I needed..... a challenge. I did find it ..... in New Jersey. (tell me that they don't make it) Anyway, my purse has a zippered pocket and four open pockets. Can't have too many pockets :) I'm happy with how they both turned out. It is a fun purse.

This is our living room window. Yes.... it is one of our cats. This is Spot. (my granddaughters named him) He is one of our rescue kitties.

We have four cats all together. We will be putting one cat in each window.

This is the newest member of our family. This is Molly. See what happens when I go to Heartland Pet Connection. I seen her when I took the pet snuggies out there earlier this month. I'm going to have to start wearing blinders when I go out there. We believe that Molly hasn't been around cats before. She is afraid of our cats. She is really a sweetie though. Makes a nice 58 pound lap