Saturday, September 1, 2007

The grandkids are in bed. The dogs are asleep and the husband is sawing logs. The house is nice and quite and I have the time to set and crochet. The world is good :)

I got a call from my mother earlier this evening. She asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was crocheting a baby dress to enter in next years fair. She told me that I could pick it up in two or three weeks when the kids are gone. I really can't tell you what the rest of the conversation was about. What did she mean by two to three weeks. She doesn't have a clue. And the kids leave on Monday. Two to three weeks?????? What in the world is she talking about?

Anyone that crochets or knits know what goes into a project before you even pick up a hook or needles. You have to find the right pattern and then the right yarn. It isn't as simple as it sounds.

I have a pattern book called 'Baby's Heirloom Wardrobe" by Annies. Last year I entered the Sweet Smock and got first place on it. Well.... this years wasn't that easy to settle on. First I was going to make the Frilly Frock. Found the cutest yarn but remembered that I wanted to use from my stash as much as possible so that one got put on the back burner. Next I was going to make the Graceful Gown. I had this pretty white with blue yarn. I got three rows done and realized that it just wasn't right. It would have made up pretty but something wasn't right. So I sat here..... looking at the patterns and thinking about what I had in my stash. Then it hit me. I ma now making the Precious Pinafore in lavender. IT'S RIGHT!!!! I have the right yarn and the right pattern. It is like the sun, moon, stars and planets are all lined up just right.

My husband has seen me agonize over the right yarn for the right project. He doesn't understand it at all. He just shakes he head and laughs. He also knows that when everything lines up just right that there is this green light and it a GO. One thing he never tells me is that a project can just sit. (Smart man)

SO the earth is now spinning in the right direction and I have a hook in my hand. Life is good.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Well..... the needle work hasn't been going the best.

I frogged the baby blanket and tried it again. I didn't like the way it was laying so I bagged it. I'll find something else to do with the 64 squares that I had done.

Next, I decided that I would crochet some pot holders out of thread. I soon discovered that there was a problem with the pattern. I bagged it until a later date. Some time when I have the time to set and figure it all out.

Then I started knitting a purse. I got 13 rows finished and it was only 3 inches long. (I guess I knit tight.) Anyway.... I frogged it and did it over again with a looser stitch. When I got one side done I realized that it was way to small for my liking. Needless to say the purse got put in a sack to go down to the basement. I know that someday I'll pick it up again. The pattern is just too cute to let go.

Some days it just doesn't pay to pick up a hook or needles.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I got a start on the crocheted baby blanket. I'm not so sure that I will be using it for the fair. I'm not crazy about the way that it lays. I'll give it some more time and see what it does.

I did manage to find 2 patterns that I have been looking for. One is a knitted poncho and the other is a knitted wrap. I have the yarn for the wrap but can't find where I put is. I just need to get the yarn and the pattern together at the same time. (This isn't as easy as it sounds.)

I need to get the yarn for the poncho. I figure that I can knit it this fall. I'm thinking about using Home Spun.

I have 2 other patterns that I can't find. I know that these would be 'Show Stoppers' to enter in the fair.

Some days getting organized is challenging.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I finished crocheting a table runner for next years fair. It is the Lacy Table Runer. I have been looking at this pattern for some time. I really like how it turned out. It needs to be blocked but I'll wait to do that.

I wanted to make it 4 squares by 6 squares but I ran low on the Mint Green. I didn't want to go out and buy more thread so I made do with what I had. If I make it again I think tht I would use a thicker thread.

Right now I am not for sure what I want to start on next. It is too hot to be working with yarn.

We had Kool-Aid Days here this last weekend. It was so hot outside that the kids were getting sick. In the evening there was a concert with Judy Collins and then they had fireworks.

This is 5 of my grandchildren. We take pictures with the Kool-Aid Man every year. I just wonder how many times he had his picture snapped over the 4 days?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I got a doily finished for next years fair. I just need to block it and I'll do that closer to the fair time.

The pattern that I used is called Vintage Rose and it can be found at I changed the colors of the doily and really like how it came out.

I'm not sure what I want to do next. I did find a few table runners and a tablecloth that I liked. I just know that I don't want to work with yarn right now. It is way too hot and our air isn't working.

I still am searching for some yarn that got swallowed up in the unknown area of my craft basement. I have yarn for a knitted wrap and two purses to crochet. I keep holding onto hope that I will see them again someday.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I finally got a few things finished to enter in the fair. I got first place on both.
I crocheted this darling baby dress. To tell you the truth, I had the crocheting done for about a year but just had to get the ribbon and buttons taken care of. It really turned out cute.
I also finished the Baby Afghan. The things is about five feet long. I'll try to get a picture of it.

I just about had a teddy bear done for the fair. He was really cute too. I do mean was! My peanutbutter-sandwich-stealing-dog got hold of it and tore the poor thing to shreds. All I had to do was the arms and legs. Every time I looked at the pattern, I snarled at the dog. I figured that this was not a good year for the bear.

I have come to realize that people who procrastinate have allot of faith. We believe that no matter how close the dead line is, we will get it finished. I am really too old to be doing this. This drives my mother up the wall. She is the type that has everything figured out and done way before the dead line. Then you got me....... totally opposite of my mother. I haven't figured out what God wants both of us to learn. He put two opposites together and we are related. We can't disown each other.

I have started my list for next years fair. I started on a doily. I have quite a list working up. I have to see if I stick to it.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

I got another Sun Cather finished for Christmas. That makes three down and several to go. I am working on a Stained Glass lamp for my oldest son. I have all the glass cut for it. I'll start putting it together this week. I designed the pattern myself. This lamp will be one of a kind.

I made four squared for Hugs From the Heart last month. I am going to wait to mail them until I get a few more finished. I have been making a few squared for myself at the same time. I am going to make an afghan out of different 12" squares. The squares are dark sage green and soft white. ( just what I needed. Another WIP.)

I am still plugging away on the big baby blanket. I thought that I would have been finished by now. I need to start kicking it in the back side if I am going to get some things made up for the County Fair. I have an afghan started but I can't find it. If you could see my basement you would understand. I don't have a craft room. I have a craft basement.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have been working on some Stained Glass that I'm giving for Christmas gifts this year. I have two already finished. I have a long list of people that I want to make things for. My problem is that when I get one done, I add another name to the list. I really need to stop doing this.

I am still plugging away on the baby blanket that I have been working on. The thing is going to be huge. I will be close to five feet long by the time I'm finished. It is turning out real cute. I bought the pattern off EBay. (Another placce I have to stay away

I haven't been working on any of my other WIPs but I hope to pick something up here real soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This is Marissa's and my purses. It is the March '07 bag for Bag-A-Holic. I used Red Heart Sport for the yellow and Red Heart worsted weight for the red. Marissa's is done with a single strand of both. Mine is another story. It is made with three strands of yellow and two of the red. That was real fun to knit with all those The lining is bright yellow with cherries.

I looked locally for the material for the lining but was told that they didn't make it. Just what I needed..... a challenge. I did find it ..... in New Jersey. (tell me that they don't make it) Anyway, my purse has a zippered pocket and four open pockets. Can't have too many pockets :) I'm happy with how they both turned out. It is a fun purse.

This is our living room window. Yes.... it is one of our cats. This is Spot. (my granddaughters named him) He is one of our rescue kitties.

We have four cats all together. We will be putting one cat in each window.

This is the newest member of our family. This is Molly. See what happens when I go to Heartland Pet Connection. I seen her when I took the pet snuggies out there earlier this month. I'm going to have to start wearing blinders when I go out there. We believe that Molly hasn't been around cats before. She is afraid of our cats. She is really a sweetie though. Makes a nice 58 pound lap

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I finally finished up three pet snuggies for the animal shelter. I crocheted them in Feb. but didn't get the ends tucked in until this month. Every time I go there I find myself wanting to take home another pet.

I got Marissa's and my purses knitted. They turned out real cute. Just need to get them lined. I have everything I need. Just need to make the time to finish them up. I'll be sure to add a picture of them.

The Bab Marley bag that I am working on got too big to tote along so it got grounded. I'm just about done knitting the bag but I still have the handle to go. I can't wait to get it felted.

Some of the bedding plants arrived at Wal-Mart. This is just as bad as the animal shelter. I can't leave there without taking some of them home. The flowers are slowly taking over the yard. One of these years I will be able to sit back and watch the flowers grow. But until then there is the planting and the weeding.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Plan Coming Together

The Bob Marley bag is coming along real nice. I have decided to leave it as a Tote-Along project. I have a few road trips coming up that I can take it on. I can't just sit in the car and do nothing. I am also able to knit or crochet at work This is nice. As long as our work is done, we can do it.

I'm going to try to get Marissa's purse done this weekend. It will probably take me an hour to get it finished. I should have had it finished already.

I have two ideas for purses bouncing around in my mind. I think that the time has come to start working on one of them. I already know what I want to do. I have the colors all picked out and it should be a fun purse. Just need to sit down and work it out on paper.

One list I am on, Bag-A-Holic, You wouldn't believe the talent on this list. I have to say that they challenge me. I am just amazed at what they can do. I stand in awe and drool. After a while I have to pop my eyes back in my head and mop the floor up. My husband asked me why I needed more purses. Can you bleieve that??? I guess if I have to explane it, he isn't going to get it. Oh well...... I'm not done working on him yet.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Blog

Well.... I finally decided it was time to make a blog. I enjoy reading other blogs.
What I want to do is to ba able to keep track of my WIPs, WIMs and finished projects.
I am on several groups that have either a crochet along or a knit along. I just wish that there was more hours in a day to get all the crocheting and knitting done and do the house work also. On second thought....... the house work is optional.