Sunday, June 29, 2008

Done Jumped Off Into The Deep End .....

I have been looking at my stash .... looking at patterns .... back at my stash ..... back at the patterns. I finally decided to just jump in .... feet first!

This is my first knitted lace item. It's the Branching Out scarf pattern on Ravelry.

After I decided on this one, I read some of the comments. One said that it isn't a good first knitted lace project. Oh well ..... I decided to do it anyway. I'm not afraid of a challenge.

I figure that I'll take my time and go slow.

I don't know what the yarn is. This is some that I bought at the Goodwill store here.

Wish me luck!

I have had some fun these past few days and knitted some more dishcloths. Really, I tried to get my queue down some on Ravelry but when I took one off, I added a few more. Guess I lost a lot of ground. Oh well ..... this keeps me knitting and out of trouble ..... almost. It is so fun collecting patterns!

Here is what I accomplished .....

This one is a Ravelry pattern. It's called Clover Tweed.

I absolutely love this cloth. I love the feel of it. I love the way it made up.

I wish that you could reach in and feel it.

My husband suggested an afghan made like this.
Hmmmmm ..........

This one is another Ravelry pattern, Illusion Heart.

It isn't a very big cloth. I guess it would be great for kids.

I know that my choices for the yarn wasn't the best bit I still like it :)

This one is Scrap Slip Stitch Tile.

The possibilities are endless.

I looked at this pattern and looked at the odds and ends that I have left over. It is a great way to use up the left-overs!

I know this pattern came from the Cloth of the Week group. This is a great group for dishcloth patterns and help. If someone is thinking about getting into knitting dishcloths, I would recommend this groups as well as the Monthly Dishcloth group.

This one is Tuscany Tile Roof. If I remember right, the pattern came from the Cloth of the Week group.

I really liked how this one came out. It's a great cloth.

I am trying to expand my knitting abilities. There are times that I get so frustrated though.

This one is called Twisted Crochet Dishcloth.

It's a real easy one to crochet and is real thick.

Thought about crocheting two together and using it for a hot pad.

The picture does not do it justice.

Kinda' puts me in mind of ......

I thought this one was cute. It is real easy to knit up and didn't take much time. I changed the boarder and added two rows to the bottom and one to the top to make it larger.

If I knit it up again, I'll add a few extra stitches to each side too.

This would be a cute one for a baby.

I know that I really need to get some things finished up for the fair. I have about three weeks left. So, if the weather isn't too hot, the dishcloths are put on hold.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What do I do with the bowl?

This is Lacy Waterfall. It is the mid-month KAL with monthly Dishcloth. It is a pretty cloth. I didn't block this one. I like the feel of it not blocked. O.K. I maybe a little weired but tell me something I don't know.
I had problems getting the holes in the cloth. I admit .... I have "issues" with holes but I am working on it. I know I'll get the hang of it yet. I'M NOT GIVING UP!!!!

I found this pattern in the April 2000 Magic Crochet. It's called Brioche Basket. I loved the pattern and love the bowl but not sure what I'm going to do with it. Right now I have it sitting on top of a book case. It will be fine there unless Lily decides it is in her way. In the event that it is in her way, it will come crashing down. I'm not going to leave it on top the book case but until I figure out what to do with it....

This was originally crocheted with a cream colored thread. Some grape pop got spilled on it and wasn't discovered right away. I tried to get the pop out but that didn't work so I decided to dye it. I got some grape pop but it wasn't the same. It dyed it a tan color. I guess not all grape pops are created equal. I had my daughter bring me over the same kind of soda that caused that problem. I was surprised. The pop had a dark red tint to it. Anyway ..... I let it set for about a week or so in the pop and was very pleased how it came out.

I have several older thread crochet magazines. I love looking to them but this causes many problems. I love to crochet with thread. I could crochet about everything in these magazines. I could spend hours (and have spent hours) drooling over the patterns. I can make this .... and this .... and this ..... (You get the picture.)
See, my kids love the afghans so I opt out of a lot of thread projects.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back On Line Again

I finally got my computer fixed. My daughter's boyfriend managed to get me a virus. (not a good subject) It did a lot of damage and I lost a lot. All of my knitting patterns are gone, several crochet patterns, several different folders and my favorites. I would like to cry but it wouldn't do any good. I'm going to see if I can get some help in rebuilding my favorites.

With my computer being down, I have had time to get some crocheting and knitting done. I am working on some stuff for the fair. I have five weeks to see what I can get accomplished.

Let me show you some of the stuff that I did .......

These are the latest dishcloths that I done up. The patterns came from the Monthly Knit Along. I really like the patterns they have and they are fun to do.

This is a pattern I got off of Ravelry. I tried two other colors but didn't like it. I do like how it came out with the orange. This one took a while to knit up. I'm not sure if I would make up another one.

I made this afghan for my youngest son, Nic. He had only one afghan. I know that his two older siblings have more than that but I couldn't get an answer from either one of them as to just how many they have. If there is an afghan involved I know that they would lie ..... lol
I used 15 different 12" squares. I like how it came together.

I made me a few more sleep mask. These things are so nice. I'm glad I found this pattern. Now I have three sets and I can rotate them.

I made these Fingerless Mittens out of Wool-ease for my daughter-in-law. They like to go hunting and I was concerned about her fingers getting cold. After I made them, I found out that she is allergic to wool. So.... I guess that I can keep these!