Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Few Projects Finished!

This is a sweater that I made myself. It's the Blue Skies Jacket from the July '08 issue of Crochet!.
I added the pockets. I'm lost without pockets.

I used Yarn Bee Icelandic Jewels yarn. It has some wool in it so is nice, warm and soft.

I actually got to wear it on the 4th.

These are a few squares I made for Hugs From The Heart. This is a great way to use up some of the left overs.


Well, I finally finished this baby blanket. The only thing I had left to do was to sew in the ends from where I stitched the squares together. (I hate tucking in the ends,)

I’m not going to mention just when I actually made this. It’s too embarrassing. The Historical Society would be in hot pursuit ..... lol

I guess that I now have it on have if I need it :)

This is about 90% of my stash. For some strange reason, I have a very hard time convincing my husband that I need more yarn.

I bought most of this on clearance. I love clearance sales!

I know that there are a couple afghans, a Teddy Bear, a few wraps and a few sweaters just waiting there. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to them.

These use to be hid in a room downstairs but since we moved I am having to deal with it.

And then there is the UFOs. That is a whole other story and I don't want to talk about them right now.

I am on several different crochet and knitting list. One had a Crochet-Along for this Stash Basket. I looked at it several times during the month. Really didn't have a use for it so I decided to pass on it.

Well, the last day of June, I decided that I could use a small basket in the bathroom. So I went back, and dug out the pattern. I like how the basket turned out and am putting it to good use but I wish I would have gotten the bright idea earlier in the month. Oh well ..... better late then never.

If you are interested in the pattern, you can find it here.