Monday, March 9, 2009

Made it through the Holiday Season

Well ...... I did manage to make to through the Holiday Season. I kept my hands very busy and made several Christmas gifts. I felt like I knitted/crocheted my fingers to the bone.

I don't mind doing this. I enjoy giving gifts that I made. I put a lot of time and thought into them. I lost count of just how many set of hot pads, cloths, hats and scarves I did up.

I ordered so much yarn from Peaches and Creme that the UPS man knew what was in the boxes before he came to the door. (you will soon understand why)

I will warn you now that all the yarn I used is Peaches and Creme unless otherwise noted!

This year I decided to send Christmas Gifts to some of my 'Friends Without Faces'. I count these women as very dear friends. I have spent several years emailing and IM them. They have been there through the good times as well as the bad. I just hope that they realize just how dear they are to me.

I made this set for Carla. We have been emailing for about 10 years.
The Pot Holders White and Sugar and Cream Violet Veil Ombree.
I used Yellow for the Bark Sedge Stitch and Light Grape for the Lacy Butterfly.
The Bark Sledge Stitch pattern can be found on the Lion Brand web site.

This set is Karen's. I got to know Karen through a thread crochet group.
The Hot Pads are in Peppercorn and Ecru.
I Love Harvest Moon is in Camel. The pattern for the cloth is on Ravelry.
Praying Hands is done with Light Sage.

This set was sent to Betty. I can't remember just which group I met her on.

The Pot Holders is made with Newport and Camel.
Aimée's amāta in Burgundy and the Waffle Knit Dishcloth in Camel.

These are just a drop in the bucket of things I made for Christmas.

It wasn't until about the middle of February that I finally got back into knitting and crocheting. Let me show you some of the things that I made.


This cloth is X Marks the Spot.
It's the pattern for 3-6-09.

I'm not sure what the yarn is. I had it in my stash and it didn't have a wrapper on it.
The cloth was real easy to knit up and I love the way it turned out.

This one is 2 Color Lace Ripple. It is the pattern for 4-13-08.

The yarn is Sunburst and Gumdrops.
This puppy is bright!
Once I caught on to the pattern, it was easy.

This one is Wavelength. It's the pattern for 2-29-09.

I used is Tea Rose and Lemon.

I need to block it better. The lines are straight.
I had to count the stitches every row to make sure I had the right count. Had to frog it a few time but I stuck with it.

This one is Roman Rib. It's the 2-13-09 pattern.
I used Peacock.
Super simple to knit up.

This one is Waves on the Shore for 1-9-09.
The picture is not at all good!
I used Autumn Leaves.
Simple pattern.

Cinco De Mayo pattern for 4-27-08.
I used Persimmon.

Real easy and quick to knit up.

This is Skrap Cloth Lace Rice Paddy for 4-4-08.

I used Lemon.

The color doesn't show up very well. It's a soft yellow.

It is an easy pattern.

This is City Lights. The pattern is from 9-28-08.

I used Shaded Brown and Ecru.

At first, I wasn't crazy about my color choices but after it was finished I loved it.

This one is the Monthly Dishcloth Knit-Along for February Mid-Month. It's called 'Circle Cloth'.

I used Shaded Brown and Camel.

I love the feel of this cloth!

This one is the January Mid-Month for Monthly Dishcloth Knit-Along. It's called Cheyenne and I used Shaded Pastels.

The picture does not do the cloth justice at all.

This is the Yellow Bird Washcloth. I think it is so cute.
My daughter has already claimed it as soon as I get the ends tucked in.

I used some Yellow that I got in a grab bag.

This one is Single Rose Dishcloth. I used the same yarn as the Yellow Bird.

I have had this one on my 'To Do' list for some time. After I made it, I wondered why I had not made it sooner.

Here is Lattice Hearts Dishcloth by Rachel van Schie.
I love her patterns!

I used Light Grape.

This one is X's and O's. The yarn is the same I used for the Yellow Bird.

You can find the pattern at Rachel's Knitting Room.

(Grandma Sally is doing the Happy Dance)

We have a grandson due in April. I have a few things made up for him (and several more things to make)

These are not good pictures at all!

I cannot get the colors to come through. It is so much prettier in person.

The pattern is from A Year of Baby Afghan Book 4 and is the April Baby Blanket.
I used Red Heart Periwinkle and Oceans.

The yarn wasn't exactly what I wanted but it is getting harder and harder to find yarn. It seems like everyone is cutting back on their selections.

Here is a little hat I knitted for him with some of the left over yarn.

This is the first time that I knitted with Double Pointed Needles and wasn't much fun.

Regardless, I do like the hat and I'm sure it it will look so cute on him.

This is the Teddy Bear Bib.

The yarn is Butterscotch.

I know it will be a while before he can use it but I just can't pass up cute baby patterns.

My computer is getting tired and has really slowed down so I'm going to put this up for the night. Hopefully I'll get back here real soon and post more of the things I made.


Charissa said...

Your dishcloths are beautiful. You did a fantastic job!

A Knittin' Junkie! said...

Woman! You have indeed been a busy beaver. What beautiful work you have done too.

I know you will indeed enjoy that bundle of joy!

Happy Knitting,
a Knitting Junkie!

Aunt Kathy said...

I want to make several of those dishcloths, what great colors you used too

Congrats on being a grandma again